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The Visit USA Committee founded by industry over 25 years ago offers the best value to promote your product on the Swiss market

Different options are available depending upon your product and goals, the main events being the annual « Visit USA Seminar » early in the year and the USA Roadshow in Fall. The Committee also supports complementary programs such as the showing of movies like « America Wild ». The following event profiles in a nutshell may be of use in completing your application.

Visit USA Seminar – A long time established full day event consisting of a combination of exhibit (Marketplace), plenary meetings and workshops in small groups. The event is preceeded by an on-line « USA Knowledge Test » to attract the attendees to the exhibitors websites. The exhibit per se serves the purpose of meeting individually. It is professionally built, furnished, decorated and provided with the exhibitor name. Different sizes are available. Each partner must have an exhibition booth. The workshops are held in small groups in separate rooms. The program includes an attractive buffet luncheon and activities to promote visitors circulation. The U.S. is represented by 50-60 partners, visitors are some 400 professionals from around the country.

Featured destination – each year a U.S. destination (state, city, region) is featured and serves as the seminar highlight. The featured destination gets the largest exhibition booth in a prime location and sets the tone for the day on stage at the grand opening . Please check the relevant box in your application if your are interested. We will be happy to discuss further details.

For further information please consult the exhibitors brochure and dont hesitate to contact us directly. We are open to your creative ideas and suggestions !




We request the following booth type (size). Please check what is applicable.

Size and fees of exhibition booth

Sub-exhibitor fees

Special rebates *

Visit USA members:
CHF 200
Early bird discount:
CHF 200 (registration till 7/31/2019)


Featured destination

Registration and cancellation terms

Your registration becomes a legally binding contract after confirmation by the Visit USA Committee respectively the event organizers. The invoice will be mailed to the above address if no other instructions are provided and must be paid before the event in order to have a guaranteed exhibition booth. Confirmed registrations can be cancelled at no cost until October 31, 2019. As of November 1, 2019 fifty percent of the participation fee will be charged. The full participation fee is due for cancellations as of December 1, 2019.

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