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The Visit USA Committee is a non - profit Trade Association of destinations, industry partners and individuals
with the goal of promoting travel and tourism to the United States of America.


Future USA Travel Promotions - Switzerland

Planning to introduce or push your product on the attractive outbound Swiss travel market? The Visit USA Committee provides you with the following promotional platforms tailored to the particular local needs and mentality, as well as languagues.


USA opening up for foreign tourists

The U.S. will again be open for foreign visitors as of November 1, 2021 after a Corona related closure of 18 month. However, access will be limited almost exclusively to travellers which are fully vaccinated with a vaccine recognized by the US. For further infomation please consult the attached official statement


Swiss Corona Regulations - September 2021 Update

A so-called Corona Certificate is required to access restaurants, bars, clubs and most public facilities (events, fitness centers, sports (soccer etc). The Swiss Certificate may be downloaded on cell phones, iPads or as a pdf for printout. It may be used troughout Europe and vice-versa. Certificates of people without vaccination based on negative Covid tests are valid for 48 hours. Hotels are not required to request a Covid Certificate at this time. However, all other regulations apply. For travel to Switzerland pls. see next page


Behavior of Swiss Travellers in Times of Corona

Corona, to say the least, has spoiled the Swiss appetite for travel. The 2.8 annual trips abroad of the average Swiss until 2019 fell to 1.7 at this time. A drop of 40 percent. Most out of country trips, with long haul travel nearly impossible, covered nearby European destinations and the Middle East, Egypt in particular. Two thirds confimed in a recent study that they avoided flying for the past 12 months.


The Swiss Economy & The Travel Trade - Outlook

In a nutshell - restrictions for travel from and to Switzerland have been removed to a large extent inspite of a growing infection rate of the DELTA version in particular. The "low" number of hospitalizations now serves as key criteria for the government to evaluate the situation. Basic safety requirement such as face masks etc. ermain in place.


Graph on Swiss Travel to the US 1994 - 2021

The following graph displays the high level of Swiss travel to the US over a period of 25 years. In particular it shows the stability of the Swiss outbound market and the fast recoveries after strong fluctuations. The key factor of influence on the volume clearly is the rate of exchange USD vs.CHF.


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