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The Visit USA Committee is a non - profit Trade Association of destinations, industry partners and individuals
with the goal of promoting travel and tourism to the United States of America.



Switzerland, compared to its neighours, still has a more liberal policy with respect to Corona related restrictions inspite of a high relativ infection rate.  Restrictions are, to a large extent, the responsibility of the Cantons to allow an adustment to the local circumstances.  It is important to obtain relevant information on site!

The French speaking Cantions, GE; VD, VS, FR, JU have thighter restrictions than the rest of the country due to higher infection rates. Restaurants, many shops etc. are closed as a result. 

Switzerland's health system, although under stress, appears to be in a position to provide all relevant services and assistance.  Thee situation changes dynamically and new regulations may be expected at any time.  The widespread  use of face masks may be controlled by police at short notice which may sanction non-compliance with fine up to CHF 300.00 on site. 

A hard lockdown will be avoided as long as possible in order to "learn to live with the virus" which is considered impossible if people are "locked-up".


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